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It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, where you live… we ALL have shitty #mumlife days and sometimes just the knowledge that someone else out there understands makes a difference. Sharing your story with the #mumlifeproject hashtag on Instagram or sending a gift to another mama is just one way you can show someone that they’re not in this alone.

mum life project box | #mumlifeproject | www.mumlifeproject.com


The #mumlifeproject is about mums supporting mums. It’s about sharing the love and doing something right here, right now to make a difference to someone going through the crap times you’ve experienced yourself. You can do this two ways: by sharing sharing with the hashtag or by sending a #mumlifeproject pack.

The hashtag concept is simple. #mumlifeproject is a hub for mum’s to share, encourage, support and inspire. It’s a great opportunity for people to engage on the hashtag and meet some wonderful and inspiring women who not only support each other through the tough times, but share in the joys and triumphs of motherhood as well. It’s a place to connect with likeminded people – a place of love. The best thing about the #mumlifeproject is that even though I might have created the initial concept, it’s others who now sustain it by sharing and connecting on the hashtag. The hashtag is where the magic happens.

Sharing mama Love through gifts and random acts of kindness is done via the website: people can buy gifts for friends or donate the pack to a stranger to pay it forward. This is what makes the #mumlifeproject different: it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you do or don’t have, where you live… we ALL have bad #mumlife days and sometimes it’s just the knowledge that there is someone else out there who is in your corner, someone that understands. The gift is just a little reminder that we aren’t in it alone.


mum life project box | #mumlifeproject | www.mumlifeproject.com


The www.mumlifeproject.com website that you’re looking at right now is the newest addition to the family. Here you’ll find an online community of women (and some blokes), paying it forward and sharing the love. You won’t find any celebrities and you won’t find any bullshit either. We believe that sharing stories and sharing the truth; the highs and more importantly the lows are what unite us, what connect us. We grow through our shared experiences; together in the trenches of raising tiny humans. We’re aiming to have something everyone, from features about cool and inspiring Mamas, fashion inspo, DIY ideas and some practical shit; like how to fold a fitted sheet. No, not really – no one knows how to fold a fitted sheet. We want this site and the hashtag to be a place you connect and share with others. And more importantly, we want it to be the place you come to share the love via our not for profit mama packs to reach out to a friend or fellow mama and say you’re not in this alone, you’ve got this!


Who’s behind the #mumlifeproject?

mumlifeproject founder amy shipp | www.mumlifeproject.com

We are Amy (creator/founder) and Jade (editor/photographer)! We’re both mums, based in Sydney and we met on the internet. Is that weird?

More about Amy:

Hi there! I’m Amy Shipp, I’m a reality tv tragic, shopaholic, wine lover and hot chip addict. I had baby girl in 2013. Those first 3 months were REALLY tough for me. I had friends who had kids and babies and they seemed to be killing it. Me on the other hand felt like a total failure. I could barely function. I loved Emily, but I didn’t feel like I was bonding with her. Not properly anyway, not the way I had imagined.


We struggled with infertility, so Emily was such a blessing to us, we fought to get her and she was wanted more than anything in this world, but during those first weeks, I doubted if I was even cut out for this mothering gig at all. I doubted myself constantly. I put such unrealistic expectations on myself.


I run this project not for profit on top of juggling a full time job and an active toddler – life is busy and often chaotic, but I think it’s important to lead by example.  I want my daughter to see firsthand that making a difference and being kindhearted is what makes the world beautiful.

And here’s a little more about Jade:

mumlifeproject editor Jade Warne| www.mumlifeproject.com


Hola! I’m Jade, I’m a thirtysomething writer-turned-photographer and the eldest of seven children – so you’d think I’d know something about kids, right? Well, um, wrong. No one can really prepare for the all consuming life-sucking power of another little human who is totally and utterly your responsibility.


I struggled (read: raged) against the clingy, needy, brittleness of it all. Compared to many mums I had a fine experience, but I hated it – and I hated myself for not loving it. Looking back I see that becoming a mum – for me – wasn’t something that happened the instant I gave birth. Becoming a mum is a constantly evolving process of trial and error, learning more about myself and my girl along the way.